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moab drewry

Moab here! Just wanted to give you a little history about Me - so here goes!


I am a curious little fellow - some might even describe me as a fearless explorer! In late spring of 2013 my curiosity lead me to Fort Smith, Arkansas where I was found exploring the streets. It was a scary time as it was hard to find food and shelter and I had become really sick. As luck would have it - I was picked up by some nice people and sent to Oklahoma Westie Rescue. I was in pretty bad shape as I had lost a lot of weight and fur but a nice lady looked after me until my forever mommy could find me!


I was adopted in July 2013 and not a moment too soon! Since then I have continued to explore - traveling to 15 states and parts of Canada!


Most of my days are spent at daycare as they need someone to keep things under control. When I'm not working my favorite things to do are explore with my mommy, eat, chase my red ball, got for car rides, guard the yard from squirrels and of course get belly rubs!