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diesel trout

Hi!  I'm Diesel! 

I'm a 20-month old pit mix.  I was found on the streets of north Tulsa in the winter of 2016 when I was only about 8 weeks old.  I was freezing and starving and I was so little and scared.  The nice people at Route 66 Pet Rescue picked me up and started taking care of me.  I went to my furever home on New Year's Day, 2017 when I was 4 months old.  Momma and Dad saw me at a Petsmart adoption event and fell in love with me.  Momma said I was in a kennel wearing a yellow bandana and holding a toy in my mouth.  The dogs all around me were barking but I was so calm.  Momma and Dad knew right then that I was the baby for them.  I tricked them though!!  I'm not calm at all!  I'm a rowdy baby and I have two speeds…all out and sound asleep.  I love to RUN and I play hard. I love coming to Paws on Pearl and playing with my friends every week.  I love balls!!  Tennis balls, soccer balls, footballs…ANY KIND OF BALL!!  Did I say I like to run?!?  Dad takes me and my brother, Gus, to work with him sometimes and it's the most fun.  We love car rides and when we're at Dad's work I get to RUN!  Sometimes I steal my brother's toys and shred them.  Momma say's that's not nice.  But everyday when Momma gets home she kisses me all over my face and tells me I'm her sweet love.  Momma also says I'm loud and that I'm a spoiled brat.  Sometimes when Dad and I are playing, I scream like a little kid.  Dad says I sound like Chewbacca.  I make Momma and Dad laugh all the time…Gus, not so much!